6 Tips On How To Prevent Kidnapping

Titilayo Ilori

Kidnapping has been the order of the day. Most kidnappers do not just kidnap. They watch and closely observe their prey before carrying out the operation. That is why we must always be vigilant.

There are ways we can avoid this situation. Below are some guidelines on how to avoid being kidnapped.

1. Do a cross-check on your domestic staff

It is important to do a cross-check on your domestic staff before employing them. Some of them may give a fake name and house address. Make sure you find out the right information before welcoming them into your home.

Once they know you have the right information about them, they won't have anything sinister up their sleeves, knowing fully well that you know where their families are.

2. Watch your children closely

Some people have private drivers for their children. Before you employ anyone to drive your children around, you should know everything about him. If possible, let him take you to his family members.

From time to time, invite his children over during family events that will create a bond between the two families and that would not allow him to misbehave. Some drivers can connive with the kidnappers to kidnap the children.

3. Treat your staff like family

Most people treat their house staff badly. It is wrong. You should learn to treat them like your family. A house help you treat badly can end up poisoning you or a security guard you are always harsh to can invite armed robbers to the house when you are asleep.

But if you have a good relationship with your staff, it will reduce the chances of kidnappers or criminals conniving with them to harm you.

4. Mind what you post on social media

You must be mindful of what you post on your social media platforms. Some people go as far as displaying their financial transactions on social media. You should mind how you display pictures of vacations with family and announcing your location all the time.

5. Be vigilant in public places

Whenever you notice anything suspicious, it could be at a friend’s place or any social gathering, excuse yourself as fast as you can.

It could also be when you are walking, once you notice any form of threat, attract the attention of people by shouting or screaming. Run if you can, but avoid running to a lonely place.

If you want to board a bus, don't just board one blindly. Look around for something unusual. Even if the bus has women in it, don't be deceived by that. Take your time.

6. Be careful when you workout

Each time you are working out, walking, biking, jogging, etc, make sure you don't stick to a particular route. If you jog around B close today, jog round D close the next day. Try as much as possible not to jog alone. Jog with people you trust.

Change your jogging time and routine each day. If you jog 5:40 am on Monday and Tuesday, jog 6:00 am on Saturday and don't stick to a particular gym.

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