6 Common Relationship Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make 
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6 Common Relationship Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make 

Titilayo Ilori

The success of a relationship depends on how you handle it. Sometimes, we blame our partners if the relationship does not work out without thinking of what the problem could be and how you have contributed to the relationship either positively or negatively.

If you have been doing these things below, then you have contributed to the failed relationship.

1. Holding on to grudges
There are times when your partner forgets an important date - your birthday, anniversary and so on. Let your partner know that you are not happy and once they apologise for their mistakes, it is important to let things slide. Don’t hold on to past mistakes.

2. Finding it difficult to apologise

Some people find it difficult to apologise to their partner, even when they know they are wrong. If you fall into that category, you are the cause of the failed relationship.

3. Being a control freak

Being a controlling partner is not the best. You cannot continue forcing your decision on your partner. Always remember that you are not your partner’s parent and let them make their own decisions and choices.

4. Allowing your partner shoulder all the responsibility

At times, it is good to let your man understand that it is his responsibility to provide for the family. But when he is down financially, there is nothing stopping you from helping him out.

5. Only caring about yourself

It is possible you only do things that favour you without thinking of how it will affect your partner negatively. If you cannot make sacrifices except it favours you, then you are the cause of the failed relationship.

6. Thinking you are always right

If your partner cannot correct you whenever you do something wrong or they have to do things your way, then there is a problem. Ask yourself how long your partner is willing to allow you have your way.

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