Venita Akpofure
Venita Akpofure

Rumour Has It: Former Actress Venita Akpofure’s Marriage Crashes

Word on the street is that actress Venita vanished from the social media space for reasons related to domestic violence. 

Pearl Emmanuel

According to news making the rounds, British Born Nigerian actress, model, and former video vixen, Venita Akpofure's marriage to Terna Tarka has crashed and she has moved out of the home she shared with him and their two children.

It is rumoured that the actress, who had a promising acting career before her marriage, finally moved out of her matrimonial home in February this year after claims of enduring several years of domestic violence. This, sources say, was what made the actress vanish from the social scene.

Word on the streets of Instagram is that besides the frequent beatings the vivacious actress received while still married, she was not allowed to work and her husband could not meet up with the finances and things just went from bad to worse to serious beatings.

Sources further reveal on social media that with the help and support of her family and friends who told her to stop being ashamed and make a bold move, she is managing to stand tall again.

According to her post on social media, family and friends rallied round her and gave her their support when she became depressed while some friends gave her accommodation. They claim her parents in the UK asked her to send the kids over so that she could find her feet. She has presently moved into her own apartment after squatting with friends and is now looking for jobs to survive.

Venita Akpofure and Mr Tarka were married for five years and have two beautiful kids. A lot of fans wondered why she left the social media space, especially the series, "Ay's Crib", immediately after her marriage. It's sad to find out that the actress has been suffering and smiling for the past five years. This might have been one of the reasons she never put out her husband's image to the public. But the actress seems to be getting her life back together as she has been posting pictures outdoors with her friends, especially Dabota Lawson.

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