Ahmed Lawan
Ahmed Lawan

Senate President, Ahmed Lawan, Refutes Claims Of Receiving Jumbo Salary 

The newly elected Senate President has disclosed his salary and insists that he earns N750,000.     

Funsho Akinwale

The Senate President, Senator Ahmed Lawan, on Tuesday laid to rest the rumour milling around that the National Assembly lawmakers take home jumbo salaries.

The newly elected 9th Senate President, while addressing the Senator Forum members, made this disclosure, stressing that there was nothing like ambiguous salaries for lawmakers at the National Assembly.

“What I want to emphasise here is that I never believed that there is anything called Jumbo pay to the national assembly,” he said.

“The National Assembly members both the Senate and the House receive what is their salaries and I receive N750,000 as my salary.

“But I need to function as a senator, my office needs to be properly funded,” he said.

Lawan, in his address, promised to operate an open door policy in favour of the general public in the conduct of the activities of the National Assembly.

“National Assembly is going to be open to the public, I believe that the national assembly should have everything open, let Nigerians know what we are doing.

“I believe that Nigerians need to understand this, we need to continually engage with Nigerians and I will also argue that we continue to explain to Nigerians, they deserve to know how their resources are being utilised,” Lawan added

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