Paddy Adenuga
Paddy Adenuga

Why Paddy Adenuga Shunned His 35th Birthday Celebration     

See why Paddy Adenuga did not celebrate his 35th birthday.     

Funsho Akinwale

Paddy Adenuga, son of Telecoms tycoon, Mike Adenuga, and founder of Pegasus Capital Investments Limited, turned 35 last week Friday, June 21.

Adenuga, however, did not hold a grand birthday soiree to mark the day, as many had thought. Paddy, as he is fondly called, disappointed many who were in anticipation of a party with the young man.

The young billionaire is reported to have everything at his beck and call, but he has vowed not to marry in a hurry.

The 35-year-old businessman, a few years ago, disclosed that he would neither have kids nor marry in the next 10 years, as he was then married to his job.

In one of his posts, he revealed that he had a lover called Reem, who died and he had not gotten over her.

“I have been engaged twice but didn’t get married on either occasion. Painful in both times, but a lot of lessons learnt. I can’t force God’s time and God’s will in the meantime. I am just taking it one day at a time. Very soon, God will do it for me and it will be final,” Adenuga stated.

Recall that after Adenuga left his father’s business empire in 2015, he established his own organization called Pegasus Capital Investment Limited, a United Kingdom company with specific focus on Food and Beverages investment in the UK and the Netherlands.

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