3 Important Qualities Of A Good Wife 
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3 Important Qualities Of A Good Wife 

Titilayo Ilori

The success of a relationship depends on both partners. But there is no denying the fact that a good wife makes a lot of difference. Becoming a good wife, however, requires a lot of dedication and sacrifice. Check out three qualities you should possess as a good wife.

1. Transparency/Honesty

You must be honest in everything you do. Your husband should be able to trust you 100%. Lying to your husband can damage the trust he has in you and once the trust is broken, the relationship is broken too.

Believing anything you say will become a problem, even when you are speaking the truth. So, as a wife you must be an open book. Do everything you can to gain your husband's trust no matter what.

2. Patience

No man likes an impatient wife that nags. If you are the type of woman that is impatient, you are driving your husband far from you unknowingly. You should be able to express yourself whenever you are angry patiently.

3. Respect

A good wife should respect her husband, just as he respects her. Do not take him for granted or dismiss his opinion. Listen to him when he talks, learn to be helpful, and appreciate his little acts of kindness.

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