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Anger - Happenings

3 Wholesome Ways To Express Your Anger

Titilayo Ilori

In a relationship, anger is inevitable no matter how happy you and your partner might be. But the way you express your anger is important, as it could ruin a great relationship. That is why you have to take proper precaution when it comes to expressing your anger. These are a few ways to express your anger in a wholesome and healthy way.

1.  Mind what you say

Anger can make you say things you do not actually mean. That is why you need to take time to calm down before saying things you might end up regretting. If you need to walk around or  talk to someone to make you calm, do so.

When you are finally calm, identify the problem or reason for your anger and speak calmly with your partner.

2.  Go straight to the point

Each time you want to express your anger, go straight to the point. You should not nag, insult or physically abuse your partner.

Let your partner know how you feel and why you are angry. After expressing yourself, give your partner some space to think of what you have said

3. Be careful not to hurt yourself

Anger can make you go to the extreme. You must calm down, so you don't hurt yourself in the process. Be gentle on yourself, engage yourself in activities that will take your mind off your emotions.