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Senate President Earns ₦15M Monthly, Not ₦750,000 - Sagay 

Senate President Earns ₦15M Monthly, Not ₦750,000 - Sagay 

Jayfred Ugo

Prof. Itse Sagay [SAN], the Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee against Corruption [PACAC] has responded to the Senate President Ahmed Lawan’s claims that the monthly salary of senators is ₦750,000.

Sagay insisted, while speaking with some newsmen on Wednesday, that the senators earn more than ₦15 million naira a month.

"He [Lawan] knows that nobody will take him seriously. I respect and like him but what he has done is to give half-truth. He is telling us the actual salary without mentioning anything about the allowances.

“That’s where the jumbo pay comes in when you talk of building, furniture, domestic this or that, 15 items and those items alone bring everything up to N13.5 million a month. So, simply mentioning the base salary, which brings it to over N14 million, is not sufficient,” Sagay said.

Though the Senior Advocate of Nigeria admitted that the senate president could technically be right in saying he earns ₦750,000 but explained that when the allowances, bonuses and other bills are considered it would sum up to 15 million naira or more.

He continued, "So technically he's right. That's their salary but what is his income, take home pay, at the end of the month? It's about ₦15 million and we are not including so many other things we need not talk about now."