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Yahoo boy sentenced to 35 years in prison
Yahoo boy sentenced to 35 years in prison

Yahoo Boy Is Sentenced To 35 Years In Prison In Kwara State

Jayfred Ugo

An internet fraudster, identified as Temitope Ajayi Charles, met his Waterloo after he was sentenced to 35 years in prison without an option of fine in a sitting at the Kwara State High Court in Ilorin.

The offender had originally accused EFCC and the police of arresting him because he refused to pay the “bribe” they requested for at the time of arrest. However, the evidence found against the offender was, beyond doubt, incriminating and the judge who presided over the trial, Justice M. Abdulgafar, rejected the offender’s claims as “concocted lies” that “hold no water.”

Justice M. Abdulgafar also rejected the 'Allotucus' presented by the counsel of the defendant. They pleaded for the sentence to be mitigated, as it was too harsh for Temitope, who is a first time offender.

The accused was charged on five counts of fraud, seven years for each count, summing up to 35 years. The verdict was reached after proper evidence was unearthed by EFCC and the prosecution counsel's only witness, Mr Olamide Sadiq.