3 Effective Ways To Bathe Your Baby 
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3 Effective Ways To Bathe Your Baby 

Titilayo Ilori

Taking care of a newborn can be challenging, especially for new parents. When it comes to cleaning your baby, you must do it the right way in order to avoid complications.

There are common mistakes mothers make when cleaning their babies. This article will guild you to avoid such mistakes.

1. Clean the folds of your baby’s skin

When bathing for your baby, it is important to clean the skin folds of your baby. These areas include the baby's neck, back of the ears, the armpit, the labia minora (the flesh covering the female baby’s private parts), outer part of the vagina and thighs. Breast milk and dirt can store in the skin folds of your baby. If they are not properly cleaned, your baby’s skin might become infected.

2. Do not bathe your baby too often

It is not all the time you bathe for your baby. Twice a day is okay since newborn babies do not play as much as toddlers do. If you do not want to bathe your baby twice a day, you can bathe for your baby in the morning and clean the baby with a wet towel at night.

3. Clean your baby’s cord properly

Cleaning the umbilical cord is always a big challenge for some women. The umbilical cord must be kept clean all the time so it does not get infected. Some of the symptoms of the infections can be redness, an offensive smell, or pus in the navel.

It is best to avoid bathing your baby all the time in order to keep the umbilical cord dry. Be careful not to allow the diaper touch the clip of the umbilical cord.

After the cord has fallen, you need to continue cleaning the navel for some months.

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