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Exclusive! See Why Regina Daniels Turned Down Script for Merry Men Sequel

Exclusive! See Why Regina Daniels Turned Down Script for Merry Men Sequel

Regina Daniels rejected a feature in Ay’s latest movie “Merry Men 2”, read why she passed off this movie opportunity

Pearl Emmanuel

According to our source newly married actress Regina Daniels has started reaping the foretold consequences of her marriage to Billionaire and politician Ned Nwoko.

If you have been in the loop, you would know that comedian Ayo Makun is currently shooting the sequel of his movie Merry Men. The shoot which started in Abuja, has since been relocated to Lagos.

Most of the stars from the movie's first release are also in this sequel alongside a host of many others, such as: Linda Osifo, Williams Uchemba and other actors.

According to news reaching Happenings, allegedly, Regina Daniels was sent a script to partake in the sequel of Merry Men.

However after going through the script, reportedly her beloved husband, Ned Nwoko saw a few scenes where she had to kiss a fellow actor, this had him bluntly turning down the acting opportunity.

He made it clear that his beautiful and much younger wife will not be starring in the sequel of AY’S Merry Men.

The source revealed to us that Ned Nwoko explained that the Anioma traditions which Regina underwent prohibits her from kissing any other man apart from him

Quite shocking wouldn’t you say?

Ned Nwoko and Regina Daniels
Ned Nwoko and Regina Daniels

To appease his young wife, Ned Nwoko flexed his financial muscle and instructed Regina Daniels to return the script and he would pay her the exact amount she would have made from the movie.

This is according to the source is a reason we would not be seeing Regina grace our big screen and show off her acting prowess in Merry Men 2.

This is also a subtle way of telling the young actress that she might never make it to the cinema big screens and is limited to acting ‘Asaba’ movie roles.

Bearing in mind, this would have been a big break for the actress and a big step in her career but her husband explained that there would be dire consequences if she goes against his orders.

Therefore Regina who is currently enjoying Ned Nwoko's billions and private jet might have to take the back seat on furthering her acting career on the bigger screen.