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Popular DJ

Popular DJ And Daughter Of Wealthy Businessman Buys Endorsement Deals

Pearl Emmanuel

Rumour has it that the popular female DJ and daughter of one of Africa's wealthiest businessmen has been deceiving the public with claims of endorsement deals.

The DJ, who stepped into limelight after her TV reality show of her visits to different African countries where she showcased her skill, has grown more popular. With her popularity, came backlash from online trolls who insinuated she only stayed relevant because of her father's money and international connections. In her case, it may seem they were not wrong in their accusations.

The female DJ decided to up her career a notch by singing and featuring popular Nigerian and Ghanaian stars on her songs. From 2018, the DJ started enticing the public with her expensive endorsement deals which more talented artistes could not attain.

According to rumours making the rounds in the industry, this DJ has been using money to buy endorsement deals from a certain industry heavyweight. According to the gist, her latest "larger beer" endorsement deal and the makeup endorsement deal, which many wondered how she landed, were reportedly brokered by this show promoter and organiser of a popular music fest which holds in different countries.

In a bid to stay relevant and put naysayers to shame, the artiste has allegedly used her father's money to purchase endorsement deals in order to put online trolls to shame.

The things celebrities do for clout would leave fans confused and appreciating normalcy every time.