Akah Nnani
Akah Nnani

Akah Nnani Openly Renounces COZA After Protest

Akah Nnani has made the hard decision to dissociate himself from his church, the Common Wealth of Zion Assembly, following the lead pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo’s refusal to step down. 

Pearl Emmanuel

Actor and Vlogger, Akah Nnani, seems to be the celebrity that is most affected by the rape accusations levelled against Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA.

Akah was a staunch COZA member who openly campaigned for the church, using his platform. He believed in his church and pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo.

After the viral video of Busola Dakolo opening up about Pastor Biodun raping her, the actor, quite alarmed, took to his page and begged his pastor to reply this time, since others in time past had accused the same pastor of rape. He seemed to be the only member unfazed by his pastor's charm. His pastor obliged him but put out a bogus explanation of never raping anybody in his life, even as “an unbeliever.”

Akah seemed furious, battling with his belief in men of God and his faith. He, therefore, admonished his pastor to step down, using the hashtag "#pastorstepdown." The hashtag has since gone viral.

The actor also joined a group of people to protest at the Lagos branch of COZA. He seemed shocked to his bone marrow when, upon reaching the church, they had beefed up security and allegedly paid some hoodlums to protest in their favour. Akah began to question everything he once believed in. In his interview with Channels TV, he opened up, saying if the actor had nothing to hide, he would not go all out to protect his image.

The last straw for Akah was when Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo went ahead to preach, ignoring the pleas and hashtag. Many have started speculating that the pastor might possess dictatorial traits just like Hitler.

Akah then took to his page to announce his disassociation from COZA and has taken a stand with Busola Dakolo and her husband, Timi. He believes that other pastors in COZA are aware of the pastor's shortcomings and have chosen to cover it.

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