BBN Season 4: Tacha Reveals Shocking Secrets About Her Relationship With Her Boyfriend

Instagram sensation, Symply Tacha, opens up about her boyfriend. 

Pearl Emmanuel

The housemates of Big Brother Naija Season 4 "Pepper Dem Gang" are gradually coming out of their shells and relating with other housemates. Many have opened up on Twitter that they are watching Big Brother Naija for the first time because of the popular social media sensation, Symply Tacha.

Upon getting to the house, Tacha seemed quite withdrawn from her usual loud, outspoken self that many have grown to love. But it seems she is coming outside her shell and relating to the other housemates.

In a conversation she had with Khafi (the policewoman) earlier today, she opened up about why she started twerking on Instagram. Tacha, who revealed that she's in a serious relationship and isn't interested in any of the guys in the house, explained that when she graduated she initially wanted to become a teacher but was turned down with the excuse that there were no more positions for teachers.

She also revealed that, at the time, she and her boyfriend were broke so she couldn't start a business. She, therefore, decided to become active on social media and get a boyfriend who was supportive.

Stating that her boyfriend gets her the hotel rooms she records in and records her twerking videos, Tacha told Khafi that, with the level of support he has shown her, she has no interest in looking elsewhere.

Earlier, while conversing with Seyi Awolowo, she explained that she would ideally prefer to stay without makeup, as she wants her face to breathe.

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