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Upcoming Actress Simbee Destroys Career After Falsely Accusing McGalaxy of Rape to Gain Clout 

With the ongoing movement against rape taking over social media. Upcoming actress, Simbee decided to ridicule the movement by falsely accusing MC Galaxy of rape to gain Clout

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Simbee Davis
Simbee Davis

It is appalling and beyond human reasoning why a woman would want to utilise a very sensitive topic like rape as a social media tool to revive her already dwindling career.

Simbee Davis a struggling actress and yet to be known musician caused quite a stir on social media earlier today when she narrated quite a dicey story of how singer MC Galaxy raped her and threatened to kill her before he became a popular musician.

According to her narration, she reached out to McGalaxy who at the time was just a dancer.She convinced him to teach her how to dance, which he finally obliged her.

Simbee said she was beyond elated when he agreed to give her dance class and she met him on the said day.

After the dance lesson, she claimed that as she was about to exit the building, she noticed the doors were locked and she went on to confront MC Galaxy and it was at that point she saw him with a pocket knife.

He threatened to kill her if she didn't undress, according to Simbee she was scared for her life and did as she was told.

He allegedly raped her and took her to a pharmacy which she hadn't noticed was opposite the house to get a contraceptive which he forced her to drink.

Simbee went on to reveal that she had been so frightened and couldn't go back home for fear her brother may notice something was amiss. The upcoming actress said she went to stay at her friend’s place, while narrating her ordeal to her.

Thus shocked fans stormed McGalaxy’s page demanding an explanation of such a heinous allegation.

A few hours later, Simbee refuted her rape allegations and admiited she only pulled such a weak and insensitive stunt just to try revive her already forgotten career. For fear of the backlash

It is unbelievable that a human being irrespective of her level of questionable sanity would stoop so low as to captain a sensitive issue to trend for all the wrong reasons.

Needless to say, Simbee Davis has killed her career with this insensitive stunt she just pulled.

What are your thoughts?

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