Young Man Alleges that Pastor Abel Damina Sexually Abused Him For 4 Years

Young Man Alleges that Pastor Abel Damina Sexually Abused Him For 4 Years

Read shocking revelations from a young man who suffered psychologically after being allegedly raped by a pastor based in Uyo.

Pearl Emmanuel

In the wake of recent rape allegations in the air, especially against men of God in Nigeria, many people are recounting their ordeals and speaking out against rape.

Recall that Busola Dakolo, wife of Nigerian singer, Timi Dakolo, in a recent interview with part owner of Red Media, Chude Jideonwo, accused Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA of raping her twice while she was a teenager residing in Illorin.

Her open confession of abuse transcending over 20 years has opened up a can of worms for the pastor and his cohorts.

Others have tried matching Busola Dakolo’s bravery by speaking out about their encounters with pastors and so called men of God.

One story making waves and leaving many distraught is that of a young man who revealed the abuse he suffered at the hand of a revered man of God resident in Uyo.

The young man, who is currently dealing with the traumatic experience of his childhood, recounts how a man of God under the guise of a spiritual leader to the family started molesting him at the age of nine.

The most gut wrenching thing about his story is the fact that he ran to his mother when the first incident of sodomy occurred but she rebuked him with the excuse that he fabricated the story against the man of God.

The young man confessed that the man of God resulted to drugging him as a child and raping him weekly for four years.

He could not walk properly as a child and his mother refused to believe his story.

The young man said that he began defecating on himself due to a broken sphincter in his anus.

He went as far as confiding in one of his teachers in school who decided to call the mother to reason, but instead of believing her son, the mother threatened to sue the school for negligence.

He was flown outside Nigeria for surgery.

Sadly, he returned to Nigeria after the surgery and the man of God continued drugging and raping him until he had to defend himself against his abuser with a knife.

The young man revealed that the preacher begged for forgiveness when the scandal came to light and he got a court order against the said pastor.

The young man who was moved by Busola Dakolo's story to tell his, described the man of God and revealed he had three girls, while also mentioning the name of one of his daughters.

In his heartrending tale, he called the Uyo pastor who repeatedly abused him, ‘Daddy Jemima’.

This fueled speculations that he is referring to Dr. Abel Damina of Abel Damina Ministries who is a father of three daughters, with one of them named Jemima.

Pastor Abel Damina and his wife Dr Rachel Damina have three beautiful daughters, namely: Jemima, Jesimiel, and Jeiel.

Dr. Abel Damina has been the founder of Abel Damina Ministries and Power City International since 1992.

In 1993, Power City International organized the first service in Apex Cinema Hall, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Dr Abel Damina runs three services every Sunday.

The said man of God is yet to give any response to the allegations

See screenshots of the young man’s confession below:

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