Big Brother Naija “Pepper Dem Gang”
Big Brother Naija “Pepper Dem Gang”

BBN Season 4: Highlights Of Day 2

Catch up on all the activities of your favourite Big Brother Naija housemates here!

Pearl Emmanuel

The second day of the 4th season of Nigeria’s biggest reality TV show, tagged "Pepper Dem Gang", started with a workout routine. Most of the female housemates, though, preferred to shower and get pretty than sweat while working out.

Shortly thereafter, the housemates had breakfast and the chatter continued as they dedicated their time to knowing each other.

Jackye, the young tech guru seemed really quiet and withdrawn. When Diane asked why, she explained that she felt a bit awkward about being away from work.

Also, she raised concerns that she was overwhelmed by not having any sense of time in the house and feared if her team members were competent enough to carry out work effectively in her absence.

The chit-chat continued for hours until the housemates were instructed by Big Brother to step outside the house.

They obliged and stayed out for about 30 minutes, after which they were instructed to return inside, where they found out that their foodstuff had been replenished.

After a few hours, the housemates were yet again instructed to step outside the house for their first task.

The guys were grouped together and made to compete in the patience game where they were tested by lifting a ball above their heads without showing their hands or moving their body. It was down to two men: Nelson and Frodd. Eventually, the latter was disqualified and Nelson emerged the winner.

While the ladies waited to be assigned their tasks, Thelma confronted Tacha, who has taken it upon herself to be the Chef of the house, for not giving her fish. A serious altercation erupted from there and the duo almost got physical but other housemates intervened.

The housemates were happy and seemed to have quickly forgotten the fight which occurred earlier on. In a bid to pass away time, they began sharing their audition stories.

Frodd gave a vivid, yet emotional account of everything leading to his acceptance into the house. Like the story wasn't enough, he broke into tears to solicit emotional validation from the housemates and probably the public into voting him to stay in the house.He kept crying until he was offered food and then he relaxed.

Shortly after, while the housemates prepared to sleep, Omashola started with tales of how he has made incessant mistakes in his life and was scared of failing again.

The next instant, the 39-year-old housemate burst into tears in the presence of Khafi.

Day 2 has been quite eventful and really interesting. It seems these housemates have drama infused in their DNAs and cannot wait to start unleashing their strategies, like Frodd.

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