L-R Symply Tacha and Thelma
L-R Symply Tacha and Thelma

Big Brother Naija 2019: Symply Tacha and Thelma Fight Bitterly Over Fish

Symply Tacha and Thelma fought bitterly over fish. Although the duo reconciled thereafter


The housemates in Big Brother Naija 2019 are getting acquainted with one another as some of them are beginning to loosen up. One housemate that has been taciturn until yesterday, is Symply Tacha.

Fans have been looking forward to her brand of drama and they got a taste of it yesterday; when she got into an altercation with fellow housemate Thelma, over fish.

Thelma had accused Tacha of being unfair while serving her food, an accusation Tacha refuted immediately. The argument almost got physical between both ladies over the matter of fish.

However, the warring duo have reconciled their differences over the fish matter and seem to be friendly with each other.

While housemates like Ella and Frodd tried to keep the peace, others such as Mike, diligently minded his business.

Recall that Symply Tacha is an Instagram bad girl and social media influencer, notorious for twerking almost naked on Instagram. She is also rather vocal with her stance about ladies dating broke boys.

As a result of Symply Tacha’s daring antics on Instagram, she has amassed quite a formidable fan base of both haters and lovers on Instagram. As a result of her enviable social media presence, she is the housemate with the most support from the public at the moment.

Since news that Tacha made it to the Big Brother Naija house broke on Sunday, she has been getting support and opposition. This is because Tacha was ridiculed at the Big Brother Audition held in Port Harcourt in February.

A fellow auditionee ridiculed her, by calling her an “Instagram Prostitute” thus getting into the Big Brother Naija House was a victory for Tacha and her fans.

Tacha is known for pushing the boundaries on social media, in her pursuit of clout.

Recall also that Tacha faked a rather public proposal and tattooed Davido’s 30BG symbol between her breasts. She also faked her own kidnap, in a bid to gain popularity on social media.

Indeed Tasha is a drama queen and fans are waiting to see it in the house.

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