Pastor Modele
Pastor Modele

Biodun Fatoyinbo’s Wife, Pastor Modele, Reacts To Members Renouncing COZA

Pearl Emmanuel

Pastor Modele Fatoyinbo, wife of the lead pastor of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, known popularly as COZA, has reacted to the loss of some of the church’s highly coveted members.

Her husband on Sunday, June 30, had announced morning prayers starting from the 1st of July during a prayer session, which was spearheaded by Pastor Modele. It may have seemed that the turn out was far below what she expected, for she observed, "You know your foes, ‘friends when you’re in trouble.’”

Modele Fatoyinbo, speaking during the Monday prayers, said: “Pastor doesn’t want me to talk. It’s fine. I just want to tell you, pastor, because we have strangers, that on behalf of your sons and daughters. We have strangers in this house, strange sons and daughters. But God will close the heavens over them in the name of Jesus.

“I just want to say we love you. You are our pastor; nobody can take your place. It’s always good to assure people that you love them, not only when you feel that everything is fine with them, even much more when you feel that they are not (loved).

“You know your friends when you’re in trouble. So, we don’t want you to doubt in your heart. As for Modele, until I see Jesus, my surname cannot change. So, you better calm down.

“We love you and you have always taught us well. You have always stood on that stage to teach us that even though anybody might be coming from anywhere, God loves them and accepts them. You have never preached condemnation; you have never peached that we cannot change or make it.

“Nobody on earth can take your place in our lives in spite of ’20 years’? Where are you coming from? Nobody can take your place.”

Although she has stood by her husband since Friday when the video of Busola Dakolo admitting that her husband raped her went viral, it is safe to assume that Modele Fatoyinbo might be going through some emotional turmoil as well.

Her husband has relinquished his pastoral office for now until the case flows under the bridge or his name is cleared in a court of law.

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