Job interview
Job interview

See The Shocking Reason A Lady Was Disqualified From A Job

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

A Nigerian evangelist, Christian C. Uzor, has shared the shocking reason why a lady was disqualified at a job interview.

Many times, we hear people complain about missing out on a job because they were too old for it but this time, it's the other way round.

A young lady, who was said to have reduced her age on her CV while applying for a job, eventually lost the job because the panel felt she was too young for the position.

The said lady, whose real age is 27, reduced it by four years for a job interview. She performed well with aspects of the interview and was expecting to get the job when she was told the unfortunate news that the position required somebody older.

"A friend just called me now crying in regret. She reduced her age on her CV and went for a job interview. She was told by the panel that she met all criteria but was too young for the job," Ozor Christian wrote on his Twitter timeline.

"She's 27 but reduced her age to 23. Age was the only thing that disqualified her. 😭"

Perhaps, the lady had lost a job previously because of her real age, and now, the one time she decides to tweak things, life happens to her.

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