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Dammy Krane
Dammy Krane

Singer Dammy Krane Labels CEO Of Flytime TV A Serial Debtor

Dammy Krane has thrown caution to the wind and has decided to call out debtors. 

Pearl Emmanuel

It seems the “Fvck You” season is not over yet, as Dammy Krane has threatened to pull "Duke of Spades" on us. Only this time the singer is not just threatening but taking a step further by mentioning names.

Dammy Krane, who has been struggling with his career since he was released from incarceration for credit card fraud allegations levelled against him in Canada, seems to have turned a new leaf. The singer, in a recent video, explained that artistes are being serially owed by many people. He, therefore, appealed to his debtors to pay up and contact him directly to discuss mode of payment.

Before signing off the video, he mentioned Cecil Hammond, the owner of Flytime TV, as a serial debtor who owes artistes without remorse.

He enjoined his fans and the public to continue tagging the businessman to see the video so that he would pay up his debts.

Many are stunned by the singer’s boldness, seeing that earlier in the year, Richard Nnadi, known as Duke of Spades, tried to pull off the same thing but it ended as a hoax, as no names were released to the public amidst the social media stir he caused.