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Big Brother Naija season 4
Big Brother Naija season 4

BBN Season 4: Highlights Of Day 3

A love triangle has developed in the house. Find out all the parties involved and the only competitive housemate who believes he will win all tasks. 

Pearl Emmanuel

The day started on a high note. Big Brother provided music during the workout session and it was more fun for the housemates.

The housemates went on to shower, while Nelson took charge of the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Tacha and Thelma decided to settle their differences from the previous day.

While they ate breakfast, the Head of House, Jeff, called for a meeting where he appointed some task masters, the hand and a queen.

During the meeting, he announced that the previous night, Nelson had brought it up as a suggestion that female housemates should be appreciated every Wednesday, which meant the men would man the chores and kitchen duties while the females rested.

All the women were elated except for Tacha who felt boredom would frustrate her, as cooking was her escape route from engaging in conversations in the house.

A few hours of chit-chat and laughter later, they had their task for the day. Biggie instructed the housemates to sew a dress by hand and Tacha won the task.

After the task, while the men went ahead to prepare some exquisite dinner, spearheaded by Mike, the ladies discussed and played games. Biggie then decided to spice things up a notch by playing songs for them.

It was funny because most of the female housemates either couldn't dance or were saving their best dance for the Saturday party. Most of them looked like they had loose foot except for Isilomo who might turn out to be the life of the party.

The night took a new twist when Big Brother announced to the housemates through the Head of House that he understood the housemates yearned to air their minds to someone. He, therefore, instructed them to choose another housemate to be their Big Brother so they could have a diary session in Jeff's penthouse.

So far, according to the comments, the audience loved Diane and Sir Dee's diary room session but most enjoyed the session between Omashola and Isilomo.

Frodd has started revealing his strategy in the house by crying on day 2 and making it known to all that he is ambitious and, in his highly competitive spirit, is ready to win all tasks, although he hasn't won any yet.

Love has blossomed in the house and there seems to be a love triangle developing among Sir Dee, Diane and Nelson.

More Big Brother updates coming soon!