Big Brother Naija season 4
Big Brother Naija season 4

BBN Season 4: Love Is In The Air

Pearl Emmanuel

The housemates are gradually loosening up and getting familiar with one another. It might just be the first week but some are already falling in love, and we love some hot, sizzling romance.

The guys in the house, out of respect for the women, decided to allow them rest for a full day. Nelson suggested to the Head of House, Jeff, to celebrate all the ladies in the house in what they have titled "Women Crush Wednesday."

Since the women were resting, they had time to discuss with some other male housemates. From day 2, the audience started noticing some closeness between Diane and Nelson, the former Mr. Universe.

By day 3, they looked all cozy together, eating from the same plate while discussing intimate family matters.

Although, it looks like Nelson is falling head over heels for the beautiful, petite Diane, the young lady seems interested in the intellectually funny Sir Dee.

When Big Brother asked the housemates to choose someone to act as Biggie, Diane chose Sir Dee and their diary session has been all over social media.

After the diary session, Diane's attraction to Sir Dee seemed to increase. But Nelson would not have any of that. In fact, he became jealous when Diane wanted to become cozy with Sir Dee and was about to exit the room.

Diane, sensing his hurt, pulled him back and had his undivided attention. The two were cozy all night till they finally fell asleep.

While it is possible that Nelson truly has feelings for Diane, she looks like she is about to friend-zone the tall cute model, Nelson.

More Big Brother Naija “Pepper Dem Gang” update coming soon.

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