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Messy Details of Illicit Affair Between Olamide and Beat Fm OAP Maria Okan Revealed

Messy Details of Illicit Affair Between Olamide and Beat Fm OAP Maria Okan Revealed

Olamide Badoo is not so scandal free after all. Read to see the sordid details of his affair with Beat FM OAP, Maria Okan.


This week has been one of scandals, from the Busola Dakolo and Biodun Fatoyinbo saga to the viral video of a serving senator, Elisha Abbo, assaulting a woman in an Abuja sex shop.

The latest scandal making the rounds is that Nigerian singer, Olamide badoo, is expecting a love child from Beat Fm OAP, Maria Okan.

The Nigerian singer, who has been hailed for being relatively scandal free, is not so scandal free after all, as tongues are wagging that he is Maria Okan’s baby daddy. This revelation is coming only days after his long time partner and wife, Bukunmi, welcomed their second child, a baby boy.

However, more details about the illicit affair between the Nigerian Singer and the Beat FM OAP, Maria Okan, have come to light.

A little bird whispered in our ears that Maria Okan reneged on the agreement she made with Olamide badoo after she told him she was pregnant.

According to the grapevine, Olamide and Maria Okan had a brief affair that they successfully kept out of the public eye. However, Maria discovered she was one month pregnant for the singer and reached out to him.

She told him she could not bear the shame of being his baby mama and needed funds to have an abortion and travel to the UK to recover.

Olamide, eager to keep the scandal away from his wife, readily agreed and gave the OAP a substantial amount of money for the abortion and after care in the UK.

The little bird whispered that the hush money Olamide dished out ran into millions. The OAP, in line with their arrangement, resigned from Beat FM and travelled to the UK.

Imagine Olamide’s shock months later when he saw Maria Okan heavy with child. Apparently, she reneged on the agreement to have an abortion.

This caused serious tension between the former lovers, and Olamide had no choice but to reveal the sordid details of his affair to Bukunmi. The insider revealed that after weeks of begging and grovelling, Bukunmi has forgiven him and is ready to stand by her man.

The insider went on to reveal that Olamide feels duped, and it is not clear if he will acknowledge his love child, whose birth is due any moment now.

Chances are, he may choose the route of a deadbeat father, having been deceived by his former lover.

Olamide is yet to comment on this scandal about him and Maria Okan

Na wa o!

Ladies, the era of getting pregnant in a bid to trap a man is long gone.