Busola Dakolo
Busola Dakolo

The Inconsistencies In Busola Dakolo’s Rape Allegations Against COZA Pastor (Opinion)

Although many have supported Busola Dakolo, a few still question the aim of making rape allegations 20 years after the incident

Pearl Emmanuel

We may never know the truth of what transpired between Busola Dakolo and Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA; as there are three sides to a tale, (his side, her side and the truth).

There have been many speculations and theories as to why she chose this time, this year, to finally speak up about such gory details of her teenage years.

Although celebrities have thrown their full weight behind Busola and her musician husband, Timi Dakolo, there are still some who feel there are holes in her well crafted story of things, and above all, question her intentions for going public.

The call-out of Biodun Fatoyinbo started in 2013, when Ese Walters admitted to having an affair with the man of God. Fast forward to 2019, Timi Dakolo started making accusations against the lead pastor of COZA global.

This call-out served as a bedrock for his wife to finally open up in the interview which has since gone viral about how she was raped by the nicknamed "Gucci Pastor."

From the buzz the allegations have gotten on social media, it is safe to address the fact that this particular pastor has a problem which has eaten deep into his loins.

Perhaps he has a desperate desire to be loved and needed by all females, a need to exert his charms and charisma in a predatory way on unsuspecting and trusting females.

It is important to establish that this man of God truly needs help, and contrary to what the church elders believe, it is not spiritual but an urgent psychological and psychiatric attention to detect and treat his underlying issues which he covers in designer clothes and perfumes.

That being said, making a video to call out a highly connected and influential man of God would seem unwise if the Dakolos needed a legal action taken against him in the first place.

The wise thing to do would have been to quietly gather "victims" of the charismatic "Gucci" pastor who have hard evidence against him, march to a lawyer and let the legal actions begin; then it becomes a social media issue.

That way, people will publicize the court case with evidence on social media to truly show the pastor's atrocities.

Amidst the public allegations and several "me toos", Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo still walks Nigeria a free man. This is believed to have defeated the sole purpose of calling him out.

If the public interview had an underlying objective, we would want to know exactly what it was, preferably from Busola Dakolo herself.

It is understood that Busola wanted to use her story to encourage other rape victims to speak out.

But after seeing the backlash, she the headliner of a such sensitive matter has received irrespective of her celebrity status, would a "common man" dare speak out?

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