7 People You Should Not Date
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7 People You Should Not Date

Titilayo Ilori

There are certain people you should not consider getting into a relationship with, no matter how much you love them, because they cannot change. These people include:

1. A temperamental person

A partner that cannot control his or her emotions can do and undo. It is dangerous to be in a relationship with someone like that because they can cause great harm. It is best to stay far from them.

2. An arrogant person

An arrogant partner can never be submissive. They see everyone as inferior and they never take to correction because they don't believe they are arrogant. They are confident and consider themselves to be superior to everyone.

3. A person who plays the victim

Someone who plays the victim never takes responsibility for anything. They believe they have not done anything wrong and blame everything on the economy, society, family or someone else.

4. A control freak

A partner who is a control freak is dangerous. You cannot do anything contrary to what they want. If you are in a relationship with a control freak, it is always difficult to quit, because they have a way of manipulating people

5. A Liar

We have all told one little lie or another. This is normal, but if you have a partner who lies all the time and keeps important information away from you, it is time to walk away. If, for example, they keep their financial status, whereabouts, educational background and so on away from you, you should beware. You should avoid such people because they can cause you great harm.

6. A negative person

Negative people never believe in "I can or you can do it." They have a way of bringing people down and also discouraging you whenever you want to try something new

7. A jealous person

It is normal to be jealous once in a while, but when your partner is jealous of your achievement or jealous of your friendship with the opposite sex then there is a problem. A jealous partner can kill and must be avoided.

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