Big Brother Naija season 4
Big Brother Naija season 4

BBN Season 4: Highlights Of Day 4

Pearl Emmanuel

It is getting hotter in the house, as housemates are opening up more and acclimatising with the new reality of being in the Big Brother Naija house for 99 days.

It seemed like a normal day, as there were discussions and movements until Jeff was called to the store room. Upon his return, housemates were shocked to learn of their most challenging task yet.

Big Brother instructed all housemates to remain silent till they heard a buzzer or his voice telling them to start talking. The housemates were stunned, especially Seyi who has been nicknamed the "sugar daddy of Lagos" and Omashola.

The buzzer went off and the task started. Housemates decided to take on other activities like games, makeup and sleeping while observing their silent day in the house.

While others played games, Isilomo channeled her inner makeup artistry and decided to transform Nelson's face (probably to alert Bobrisky). She added to his beauty by wearing him her blonde wig and lending him a pair of boobs.

The housemates were hysterical with laughter but couldn't speak out upon seeing Nelson. He walked with the confidence of a cute lady silently waiting to speak her mind.

The peak of the day after the silent task was the first ever diary session this season.

The social listening for Big Brother, especially this season, is quite amazing as the organisers take into cognisance the contributions from fans. After much clamour for a diary session, Big Brother obliged and it was awesome.

The housemates took turns to empty their heavy hearts to Biggie, not leaving out which of their fellow housemates first irritated them. Tacha's name rang one too many times and it made the audience question if being an annoying, defensive lane minder was her strategy.

So far, the best diary session was the one Biggie had with Omashola. He frustrated Biggie with questions and answers. He wanted to understand why the housemates seemed calm and collected all the time. He had a truly interactive diary session with Biggie.

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