How To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work 
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How To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work 

Titilayo Ilori

Most people shy away from long distance relationships because they are considered difficult. To maintain a long distance relationship, you must be ready to follow these steps:

1. Communicate constantly

Communication is key in every relationship. You must communicate with each other on a daily bases to keep the relationship going. Video call once in a while is important, as this will make you feel closer to each other

Each time you call, reassure each other of your love, talk about your future plans and gist about how your day went.

2. Reassure your partner of your love

It is necessary to reassure your partner of your love. Let your partner know you won't be apart forever. This will always calm his or her nerves.

3. Avoid being jealous

There are times you will feel jealous or insecure. This is normal, but you must be able to control yourself so it does not ruin your relationship.

For a long distance relationship to work, you must have complete trust in each other and be open. Don't allow a third party in your relationship. Feel free to ask him or her about anything that might be bothering you.

4. Surprise each other on special days

Surprise your partner on your anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day, etc. This will make them feel loved. Who says you need to be around to make it work? You can order cake and gifts and have them delivered at his or her workplace. Everyone loves surprises.

5. Pay each other visits on a regular basis

This depends on how far apart you are. If you can pay each other visits ever so often, please do. Spend 10 minutes with each other. This will go a long way.

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