Busola Dakolo
Busola Dakolo

Nigerians React As Busola Dakolo Officially Files Rape Charges Against COZA Pastor

Busola Dakolo has pressed rape charges against COZA Pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo, but Nigerians have expressed their misgivings about the rape case holding up in court. 

Pearl Emmanuel

After 20 years of an alleged rape, the change of events in the life of a teenager and almost seven days of social media trial, Busola Dakolo finally does the needful by filing rape charges against Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo.

Most Nigerians have reacted accordingly, mostly with emotional prayers for the pastor to be found guilty and be locked away for good.

However, some logical few have expressed their true concerns on the issue, and a particular comment by the young lawyer, Regina, sums it up.

Regina believes Busola Dakolo's story but doubts the case would stand in court without evidence to convict the pastor.

Many have agreed with this argument, as emotions do not hold water in any court especially here in Nigeria. It is expected that the Dakolos and their lawyers would have collated hard evidence incriminating this man of God, nicknamed the "Gucci Pastor", or he may continue to walk around a free man perpetrating the same crimes he has been accused of.

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