Shade Ladipo
Shade Ladipo

“Your Husband Will Rape Your Daughter,” Shade Lapido Tells Modele Fatoyinbo

Did Shade Lapido go too far by involving the daughter of the Fatoyinbos?

Pearl Emmanuel

Media personality and businesswoman, Shade Lapido, has reacted to Modele Fatoyinbo's stance on the rape allegations.

Recall that Modele has stood by her husband's side, supporting him as the "virtuous" pastor's wife that she is. She has repeatedly announced to the church that her husband, the lead pastor of COZA, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, is not capable of rape.

She also reiterated it at the COZA weekly morning prayer where she encouraged members to be steadfast and believe in their pastor. She explained to them that the current social media crucifixion of her husband over the rape allegations is a plot by the enemy.

Shade Lapido, in her short video message, said to Modele that her husband would rape her daughter soon. She further opined that Biodun Fatoyinbo has an evil spirit living inside him which takes over his body and he can't control his sexual urges.

Shade revealed that she is also a rape victim and understands the mind of a rapist. Therefore, she insisted, the daughter of the Fatoyinbos might have to be raped before Modele would see her husband for who he truly is

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