4 Reasons Why Your Partner Is Losing Interest In You
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4 Reasons Why Your Partner Is Losing Interest In You

Titilayo Ilori

Sudden change in your partner's attitude can be disturbing, especially when you know you haven't done anything to warrant it and the drastic change in attitude has a negative effect on your relationship.

Maybe you have tried everything possible to know what went wrong or why he or she is suddenly losing interest in the relationship but you still cannot figure it out, these four factors below might likely be the cause. Please read

1. They were never in love

Most of the time, people rush into a relationship because they feel they are in love, but after spending a few months together, they begin to see the other side of their partner which might cause both parties to draw back from each other and this might lead to separation.

2. They have met someone new

It happens to almost everyone. Once you buy something new, the old item becomes old and ugly.

Some people lose interest in their partner once they meet someone new and they begin to compare the new partner to the old. At this point, they will start to find faults with the relationship and eventually step out of the relationship to try something new.

3. Change in your attitude

A sudden change in your attitude might become a problem in a relationship. If your partner notices that you have changed from being nice, caring and understanding to the opposite, it can lead to loss of interest.

4. Infidelity

This is another major problem in a relationship, and it can also make your partner draw back from you or loss interest in you.

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