Symply Tacha
Symply Tacha

BBN Season 4: Tacha Reveals She Is A Twin

Do you know twerk queen and influencer, Symply Tacha, is a twin? Find out who her twin is.

Pearl Emmanuel

The housemates have vowed to loosen up, as they prepare for and anticipate the Saturday party. The party is an avenue for the housemates to unwind and relieve stress and boredom in a fun way.

They have gone ahead to plead with Big Brother to ensure that they have lots of alcohol so they can show their true selves.

While preparing for the party, the housemates broke down in smaller groups to discuss their party costumes and intentions to actually "pepper" the viewers tonight.

While Jackye, Frodd, Mercy and some others discussed international musicians, comparing then to Nigerian talents, they started a minor argument which was nothing serious.

Tacha, after being continuously complained about by the housemates, has started moving up. Many speculate a future romantic relationship with Ike in the house and others beyond. Fingers are crossed, as many still observe.

While discussing with Mike, Ike and Gedoni, Tacha admitted that she loves using her platform to discuss controversial issues. She further explained her intent behind her viral stretch marks Instagram video. According to her, she made it because of the stereotype towards women with stretch marks.

She also revealed that she is a twin and that it was her twin brother who was counting the number of stretch marks on her breasts in the video. She also said he helps her record some of her videos.

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