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Celestial church

Celestial Church Members Blast Yoruba Filmmakers For Making A Mockery Of Their Religion

Members of the Celestial Church of Christ are set to protest against Yoruba filmmakers.

Pearl Emmanuel

In a viral video making the rounds on the internet, some members of a particular Celestial Church of Christ branch have called out Yoruba filmmakers, especially Muka Ray, for using their churches to act movies.

According to their spokesperson, who poured out her anger, the Yoruba filmmakers have been portraying wrong doctrines and peddling lies about the Celestial Church and this has to stop.

She mentioned a renowned filmmaker and producer, Muka Ray, who is a Muslim by religion and criticised him for always portraying Celestial Churches in a bad light in his movies.

She further advised him to desist from paying shepherds to use their church and he should go ahead to use mosques and Alfas in his movie to portray his own religion.

The members expressed their anger and called on other branches of the church to join them since they have decided to start a protest against the Yoruba movie producers and filmmakers. The purpose of this protest is to create awareness about the ills and lies that is being propagated by filmmakers against their church.

Also, another shepherd in the church has placed curses on other shepherds of different branches who collect money from these filmmakers and allow them soil the name of the Church.

They are yet to announce the date of their proposed protest.

Nigerians spared no time in criticising the shepherds who came out to speak. They advised them to caution their church members and clean their churches, as lots of atrocities are allegedly being committed there.

Also, they reminded them of their members who were happily dancing to controversial Naira Marley’s newest release, called “Soapy”, inside the church.