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Rumour Has It: Heavily Endowed Actress Has A Child With A Controversial Man Of God

Pearl Emmanuel

According to the grapevine, popular controversial actress who is light skinned and heavily endowed before further enhancing her behind allegedly has a child.

It is rumoured that this actress who was recently accused of engaging in potty fetish with Arab men in Dubai is in a relationship with a controversial man of God who owns a private jet.

Word on the street is that the actress and the man of God have a child together but have chosen to hide the identity of the child and the truth of their relationship for fear of a scandal rocking the church, like COZA.

Some time last year, it was heavily speculated that the actress started in Dubai to conceal her pregnancy from the public, especially her colleagues.

Since the actress put to bed, she has not been seen in movies. They speculate that the man of God has been taking good care of the her and flying her around the world in his private jet.

The actress, though, is at loggerheads with her one time Ghanaian best friend, who is also endowed. It is rumoured that this actress took her friend along on one of her private visits to the man of God.

Her friend, in return, decided to harvest from the same farm as the actress saw that the man of God was loaded. The actress has since been using her social media platforms to send coded messages to her one time bestie to stay away from her man.

The friend has continually stayed silent, as she is currently enjoying some attention from this man of God. Although the man of God is still on her friend’s case, he continues to lavish luxurious gifts on the heavily endowed actress.

According to rumours, these two friends are not the only girlfriends the wonderful man of God has been keeping. He has some other side chicks in the industry as well.