Senator Elisha Abbo
Senator Elisha Abbo

Slapping Senator Elisha Abbo Battered His Wife After Infecting Her With HIV

Pearl Emmanuel

According to news making the rounds, the senator who was recorded in Abuja violently slapping the manager of a sex toy shop is HIV positive.

Eunice Tochukwu, a woman who claims to be the sister to his first wife, Eucharia Uche Ishiaku, maintains that the senator lied about his identity.

Eunice Tochukwu claims the senator's real name is Clifford Ishiaku and he was once a Muslim. He met and started dating his first wife, now dead, before 2009.

Eunice, in an interview with the Sun Newspaper, further explains that the senator who was identified by the name, Clifford, at the time converted to Christianity to marry her sister. They had their wedding in September 2009 in Adamawa State.

She vividly recounts that her late sister fell ill a few months after the wedding. Everyone felt it was a minor sickness but drugs failed to make her better.

After some years of incessant sickness, she claims a good Samaritan told her family to test for HIV, and when they did, they were shocked to discover her sister, Eucharia, had been infected with HIV.

She claims that by 2012, the virus had eaten into Eucharia Ishiaku's system and she prepared to draw her last breath.

She claims further that when his wife opened up about her marital ordeal, she was beyond shocked. She reveals that her sister confided in her that the senator raped her and abused her physically in their marriage and also forced her to engage in sex orgies.

She also opened up to her sister that the senator had unprotected sex with her and bribed his doctor to lie about his HIV status.

When the senator found out that his wife had revealed some of his secrets, Eunice claims he beat her sister to a pulp, a few months before she died.

She claims she never heard from him after her sister's death until the video surfaced online, and she was shocked to see that he was the notorious Senator Elisha Abbo.

Another social media user claims that the slapping senator has had HIV since 2003 and has been secretly treating himself since. The user believes he would have infected a lot of women with the virus, as he goes around having sex without protection.

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