Nkechi Blessing
Nkechi Blessing

Rumour Has It: Actress Nkechi Blessing Is Not The Mother Of The Baby Boy She Flaunts

Is Nkechi Blessing doing the right thing by claiming that the child is hers? Find out

Pearl Emmanuel

Yoruba actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday, is not one to shy away from controversy. In fact, she had a recent altercation with some people when she wanted to exchange her old car for a fairly used white Benz, which she of course sorted out with the car dealer.

News making the rounds on social media suggest that the little baby, Elijah Nkechi, she claims to be hers isn't her child. In fact, the grapevine has whistled loudly that she was never pregnant as she claims.

According to the story, Nkechi Blessing's younger sister, Jennifer, got pregnant for her boyfriend. Jennifer, who is quite young, recently graduated and her boyfriend is allegedly not so well to do.

In order to cover the family shame, the actress reportedly decided to claim that the baby was hers instead of allowing society troll her younger sister.

Jennifer let her popular actress sister take responsibility for the child and, in agreement with her, decided to delete most of her old pictures. In a bid to start afresh, Instagram helped her disable her account and she had to start building her followers from scratch.

Speculations have been flying around that Nkechi might want to legally adopt the child in a bid to make her claims on him true to the public. This came after the actress posted images of herself dedicating the baby boy after three months, as is the cultural practice in Nigeria.

Nkechi Blessing
Nkechi Blessing

Some have criticized her for lying about being the mother of the cute baby, while others have applauded her for being a team player and understanding her sister.

What are your thoughts?

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