Nigerian man
Nigerian man

See Why This Nigerian Man Dumped His Girlfriend After 5 Years

Pearl Emmanuel

A few days ago, social media space was disrupted by one of the most dramatic breakups which took place at a restaurant in Owerri.

A young man and his girlfriend were having a conversation when the peaceful discussion erupted into a near physical altercation.

The young lady raised her voice, initially demanding explanations on why the young man deemed it fit to abruptly bring their relationship to a halt without a tangible explanation. The man in turn tried to explain that he could not cope anymore.

The lady, who seemed to have come with a friend, started screaming that her boyfriend had deliberately chosen to waste her life for five years and had decided to end the relationship with the excuse that she had anger issues.

When the shouts couldn't gain her boyfriend’s sympathy, the lady who had been jilted got on her knees and started begging. The young man adamantly refused to take her back.

After the video went viral, many cursed the man and called him all sorts of names. He finally decided to clear the air.

According to him, he felt he could cope with his ex-girlfriend's anger issues but when it dawned on him that he could no longer bear it, he decided to end the relationship.

He also explained that he chose a restaurant over the privacy of his home for fear that the lady would destroy all his appliances he had gathered over the years in his house.

He apologised to the public, saying that he never meant for the video to go viral but wanted an intimate conversation with his ex. He also pointed out that the relationship only lasted for four and a half years not five, as his ex-girlfriend claimed.

Nothing has been heard from the ex-girlfriend who was publicly jilted.

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