Sniper insecticide
Sniper insecticide

Senate Moves To Ban Sniper Insecticide     

The Senate is currently seeking the ban of Sniper insecticide and has made moves to that effect. 

Funsho Akinwale

The Nigerian Senate, on Tuesday, resolved to ban the production, importation and circulation of Sniper insecticide in the country.

Senator Theodore Orji from Abia State had raised the motion before the resolution was adopted by the house.

The former Abia State Governor, during the plenary session, gave logical reasons for the ban following the rise in suicide cases in Nigeria.

“The Senate observes that suicide could be prevented particularly when family, friends and close relatives of the person contemplating suicide provide support, either by way of encouragement, listening to them and keeping them safe by staying around them, removing means of committing suicide such as knives, ropes, dangerous drugs and chemicals especially sniper,” he said.

Senator Rochas Okorocha suggested the creation of a Ministry of Happiness to check the rise in suicide cases in the country.

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