Ruga Settlement
Ruga Settlement

We Have No Land For Ruga Settlement -South East Governors 

Margaret Solace

Governors in the South East region of the country have given out their lands for Ruga program settlement as earlier proposed by the federal government.

The governors said they would allow herdsmen who want to trade peacefully in their states.

“The fact remains that no south east governor has donated any land or intends to donate any land for any of the two programs due to lack of enough land in the entire southeast," the Director General of the South East Governors’ Forum, Prof. Uchenna Ortuanya, insisted.

Ortuanya added that there are "good and law abiding herdsmen who have been living with us."

“They will not chase away herdsmen who are peaceful and have been living peacefully with us in the southeast.”

The Nigerian government had proposed the Ruga settlement program to curb open grazing of animals that continue to pose security threats to farmers and herders.

The program was, however, suspended after widespread criticism and outcry. The federal government also said it suspended the program because it was not consistent with the National Livestock Transformation Plan.

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