Regina Daniels 
Regina Daniels 

Ned Nwoko Becomes Regina Daniels’ Bodyguard on Movie Set

It seems Ned Nwoko would go to any length to protect his new bride

Pearl Emmanuel

Remember a few weeks ago, we brought you news from a reliable source that Ned Nwoko outrightly refused allowing his young bride and actress Regina Daniels from featuring in the sequel of Merry Men the movie.

The movie Merry Men which is owned by comedian Ayo Makun's began shooting it's sequel in Abuja, after that they moved on to conclude the scenes in Lagos.

While in Abuja Ay comedian wanted to incorporate Regina Daniels into his new movie because of her over 4 million fans, he knew would watch his movie because of her appearance in it.

He allegedly approached the actress and decided to inculcate her into the movie as a member of the Biker girls in Merry Men 2. Regina was elated, because it would be her first break into the cinema, after going through the script.

She reportedly told her beloved husband Ned who declined and opted to pay her instead since some scenes involved a bit of kissing and romance.

The grapevine said that after turning down the script, Ay didn't give up on trying to convince her. Ned must have seen that she really wanted to act in the movie and allowed her on the condition that he will be there during the shoot.

Needless to say Regina had no other option in the matter as she was caught between the rock and a hard place.

She told Ay her husband had given her permission to act in his movie. Regina features in the sequel of Merry Men as Zara, one of the Biker Girls.

Ay flew the cast to Abuja again and they had to inculcate Regina in the movie and her husband was there throughout her shoot.

There are speculations that apart from Ay wanting Regina in the movie, he also desires financial goodwill from Regina’s benevolent billionaire Ned Nwoko.

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