Media mogulette
Media mogulette

Rumour Has It: Renowned Nigerian Media Mogulette left Stranded in Dubai

Ever wondered how your favourite station’s boss managed to stay afloat and get banks to sponsor her shows?  Find out!

Pearl Emmanuel

According to reports from a confirmed source, one of the most respected female media personalities in Nigeria who owns one of Nigeria's "biggest" television stations was left stranded in Dubai by her billionaire lover.

Rumour has it that the media mogulette has been undergoing some financial setbacks as a result of some bad business decisions she made in her relentless quest for expansion and international recognition.

The well respected media entrepreneur, who started by hosting one of Nigeria's biggest TV programs, has been rumoured to be known in society as the one who pimps some young ladies to billionaire businessmen and politicians within and outside Nigeria.

One of the ladies she pimped out to billionaires is the famous media personality known popularly as "baby girl". Baby girl has grown wiser now, as she carted away most of her pimp's big contacts.

After the media mogulette’s stay in the US for a family function which involved wedding bells, she was invited by a certain billionaire in Nigeria.

Unbeknown to her, the billionaire has a reputation for being heavily tight-fisted. She flew first class and lodged in one of Dubai's finest hotels awaiting the arrival of her billionaire.

After a weekend of activities, she expected to get a handsome fee from her billionaire lover. But while she was asleep at the beginning of the new week, the billionaire kissed her goodbye.

She awoke to a note and an envelope beside her, only to discover that the token within the envelope wasn't enough to cater for first class tickets and the hotel bill.

Wondering how we got wind of this tea? The billionaire who is known for discussing and bragging about his sexcapades brought the secret to light.

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