7 Ways To Keep Your Vagina  Healthy 
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7 Ways To Keep Your Vagina Healthy 

Titilayo Ilori

The most important part of a woman is her vagina because through this part she can contract infections that can lead to life threatening diseases or leave her barren for life.

Keeping this part clean is necessary. That is why we will be discussing five healthy ways to avoid infections and to maintain a healthy vagina.

1. Learn how to use the toilet bowl properly

Sometimes when women use the toilet, they avoid sitting on it in order not to get an infection. The chances of getting an infection are high if you are not careful.

When using the toilet, pull down your pant so it does not touch the toilet bowl, especially when using a public toilet. If you don't want to sit, use enough toilet roll to cover it to avoid urine splashing back to your vagina.

2.  Avoid fingering

Some women love to be fingered during foreplay. The question is: how often does your partner wash his hands?

Your partner's fingers might be dirty and if he is the type that keeps his nails, there is a possibility that germs might be in his nails, and during fingering, the germs can be transferred to your vagina.

3. Avoid anal sex

Engaging in oral sex and penovaginal sex at the same time is dangerous to a woman's health. During anal sex, your partner may insert his manhood into your anus and your vagina, in this process he is likely to transfer bacteria from the anus to your vagina. This might lead to a vaginal infection.

4. Avoid using herbs or vaginal tightening creams

Some women use herbs and other vaginal creams to tighten their vagina. Most of these creams have side effects and can lead to vaginal infections.

5.  Avoid douching

Douching is not advisable, as it can lead to vaginal dryness and eventually vaginal infections. Douching can also affect the normal flora in the vagina. The best way to clean the vagina is to use water and steam with warm water once in a while.

6. Stay clean during your monthly flow

It is important to stay clean during your monthly flow. Change your tampons or sanitary pads frequently in order to avoid infections

7. Sun dry your panties

Always spread your pants under the sun or iron them in order to get rid of germs. Also separate your menstruation pants from your every day pants.

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