8 Habits That Turn Your Woman Off In Bed
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8 Habits That Turn Your Woman Off In Bed

Titilayo Ilori

The way a man treats his woman in the bedroom is important. Being a man is more than being clean shaven and wearing designer clothes.

A real man should be able to treat his woman like a queen in bed, make her feel loved, let each time you spend together in bed be a memorable one. Below are habits that can turn her off in bed.

1. Acting insecure

Some men act insecure when it comes to undressing in the presence of their partner, but this can kill your partner’s sexual urge. You should love to appreciate yourself the way you are and start loving yourself.

2. Avoiding eye contact

Most men might not see any sense in this, but eye contact has a lot to do with lovemaking. It makes the lady feel loved and wanted.

3. Refusing to cuddle

Some men just like going straight to the point, without cuddling their woman. You should learn to cuddle her, especially after lovemaking. You do not have to be in a rush to leave the bed.

4. Bad breath

Having bad breath is a big turn off for women. A man should be able to take care of his breath, hair and looks.

5.  Being bossy

During lovemaking, most women love to be adored and not to be bossed around. Some men are fond of the habit of pushing their partner to do things they are not comfortable with. This will only kill her sex drive.

6. Being self-centered

Some men will never ask if their partner is satisfied or not. Once they have reached a climax, nothing else matters to them.

7. Letting the phone be a distraction

You would agree that distractions can kill one's urge for sex. So, if a call comes in the middle of the action, let it ring.

8. Calling her a wrong name

If you are not sure of what will come out of your mouth, keep quiet because no woman will ever forgive you for calling her another woman's name during lovemaking. This can be a big turn off.

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