Naira Marley
Naira Marley

Is Naira Marley’s Soapy Dance Promoting Perversion? (Opinion)

What are your thoughts about the new Soapy Dance by Naira Marley?


Nigerian street singer, Naira Marley has been in the news recently, not all of it good. Recall that he was incarcerated by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), for publicly supporting Yahoo boys and their trade.

While he was in EFCC custody, he received massive support from those he publicly identified with (Yahoo boys).

Since his release, Naira Marley has been making efforts to stay in the news, by channeling the publicity his arrest garnered into his fledgling music career.

One of such ways is the release of his new single and the accompanying dance ‘Soapy’. This aforementioned dance is mostly done by the male folk and it simulates the act of a man ‘Jacking off’ or masturbating.

The name itself ‘soapy’ points to the act of men masturbating, while using soap,

Soapy By Naira Marley

Indeed it is a somewhat cringe worthy dance step and most young men take it a step further by taking off their trousers while doing the Soapy dance.

As expected the Soapy dance has received backlash from Nigerians and celebrities alike. Nigerian dancer Kaffy have condemned the dance, practically calling it nasty. This led to a back and forth between Kaffy and Naira Marley on social media.

Thus to white wash the fact Soapy is a dance that promotes masturbation in men, Naira Marley said, “Say No to Rape and Yes to Soapy”.

My gripe with the Soapy dance is the fact it is predominantly an adult dance, pointing to the erotic act of masturbation, yet you find young children gleefully dancing it. These minors have absolutely no clue that they are simulating masturbation.

Just as cigarettes, alcohol and drugs are not easily accessible to minors, sex and sexual symbols should be restricted as well. Sadly a look all around us shows that reverse is the case.

Children are exposed to sex too early, it is in pictures, social media, songs, even dance, thus these young ones end up having a perverted idea of sex.

Naira Marley’s soapy dance is rather inappropriate.

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