Blessing Okoro
Blessing Okoro

Relationship Blogger, Blessing Okoro, Brags That She Is The Most Talked About Personality Of The Year

Blessing Okoro seems to think of herself as the social media influencer of the year courtesy of the scandal that trailed her in May after she claimed Onye Eze’s mansion as hers.

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Blessing, who lied about building a mansion to her fans in order to spite her ex-husband and deceive the public, has not given up. She made a video bragging about being the most talked about personality in 2019.

Recall that Blessing was dragged by Monday Eze, known popularly as Onye Eze, and handcuffed and publicly made to acknowledge him as the owner of the house she claimed to be hers.

Blessing, in her latest Vlog, took out time to explain what she claimed was the truth of what transpired.

According to her, she was building her own house and saw Onye Eze's building and wanted to get the same tiles he used for his mansion.

She, therefore, spoke to his housekeeper who allowed her gain entrance into the house. She took pictures to show her tile supplier. According to Blessing, she never intended to use the images of Onye Eze's house.

But she needed to post something on her birthday and she then claimed the devil pushed her into using the image.

Also, she addressed the voice note which leaked. Initially, during the scandal, she claimed it was doctored but now she admits it was her voice and she was in a conversation with her younger sister.

She feels the scandal helped boost her brand because in the history of Nigerian social media scandals, none has ever generated over 30 thousand comments on just a post.

Blessing now believes she is a true social media influencer and understands the secret of Instagram.

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