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Pregnant woman - Happenings

4 Ways To Look Beautiful During And After Pregnancy

Titilayo Ilori

Most women look beautiful and flawless when they are in their first and second trimester, but as the pregnancy advances they tend to lose their beauty.

Some women experience swollen legs, mood swings, skin breakage and so on. Below are secrets to looking beautiful and confident during and after pregnancy.

1.  Take care of your skin

Skin issues during pregnancy are just temporary. Most of the time you might experience it either at the beginning of your pregnancy or towards the end.

Sometimes, your skin won't go back to the original look until a few months after the childbirth. The best way to avoid having skin issues is to moisturize and get a mild facial cleanser.

Also, during pregnancy, it is normal for you to experience itchy skin because the skin is stretching. It is advisable to use a natural body cream and soap. Do not forget that anything you apply on your skin is absorbed into your body, so stay away from any cream that contains chemicals.

2. Get rid of stretch marks

Almost all women who have put to bed have stretch marks, if not around the stomach, then somewhere else on the body.

Stretch marks cannot be prevented but it can be minimized by using a body lotion that is rich in Vitamin A and E. Both are good for the skin. Cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil can also be of great help to you when getting rid of stretch marks.

3. Be conscious of what you eat

Sometimes, you cannot control your cravings but it is best to stick to a healthy choice. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits and food rich in antioxidants. This will keep your skin healthy and fresh.

Also, food rich in Vitamin A, including eggs, fish, and carrots, will make your skin look ever young. You need to be conscious of what you eat during pregnancy so you do not start battling with your weight after delivery.

4. Make sure you sleep well

Ensure you have enough rest whenever you feel the need to. This will make you feel good. Pregnant women who do not have a good sleep suffer eye bags, dark circles, body aches and so on. Pregnant women need enough rest, at least 10 hours of sleep every night.

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