Flirting With The Opposite Sex: 4 Tips Every Woman Should Know

Margaret Solace

Women are assumed to be weak when it comes to wooing men they are interested in and this is where we get it all wrong. Society has made women think it is only right for a man to take the first step, but that was then. There are ways for a woman to throw the first punch without losing her pride. Check out some of them below.

1. Initiate the conversation

Some guys are just too shy to walk up to ladies, perhaps because of their past experiences or the less than friendly attitude of ladies they have met. Start the conversation and say something complimentary. Men like that and it boosts their ego.

2. Let go of that sour mood

No man wants to walk up to a lady with an attitude or with a sour face. Smile when you see him walk by, make eye contact with him. You are sending a signal. So, do it well and moderately.

3. Show interest

Touch him once in a while when you are with him and act oblivious to that action. At this point, he is confused about that action of yours and he will think about it all the time.

4. Use the push and pull method

Now that you’ve succeeded in piquing his interest, it’s time to use the push and pull method. If you’ve been calling to check up on him, you should pause. Don’t be too direct. Let him ask for that attention.

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