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SARS Operatives Allegedly Kill Innocent Cleaner During A Raid in Ilupeju, Lagos
Man Hit By Stray Bullet

SARS Operatives Allegedly Kill Innocent Cleaner During A Raid in Ilupeju, Lagos

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

A cleaner was killed today by SARS operatives in Asigeri area of Ilupeju, Lagos according to reports on social media.

The elderly man, named Francis was reportedly killed by a stray bullet on Monday morning during a raid by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

Twitter user, Aba Bailey who shared the unfortunate news of Francis' demise wrote on his timeline:

"Just look at the Nonsense SARS just came to do at ilupeju Asigeri !!!! This guy cleans my compound !!! They didn’t see boys to burst and decided to kill an innocent soul ...! SARS SARS why ??????," he questioned.

"What has Francis deserve to get this from SARS? An innocent soul who woke up this morning to wash compounds and sweep ... GOD chicken republic why? Why God !!!! I’m Grieved !!! SARS why? SARS why? Shot straight in the head !!! @Gidi_Traffic.

"We know the SARS !!! We saw their car !!! We won’t keep quiet !!!! This guy is a cleaner !!!! He cleans my compound !!! Woke up to clean and got shot straight in the head !!! Ilupeju asigeri ... This guy is my guy !!! An innocent hustling guy !! Francis ????

"#SARS you have killed Francis !!! He didn’t deserve this... man his innocent !! Jovial and friendly !!!! He came from the village to hustle !!! He cleans up compounds ... chicken republic my friend you didn’t have to go this way 😢😢😢!!! We know the killer we saw their car.

This recent killing is coming three months after a young man was killed at a football viewing center where he was watching a Premier League match.