Tonto Dikeh and Lady Golfer 
Tonto Dikeh and Lady Golfer 

The Origin Of Tonto Dikeh And Ex-Bestie’s Feud Will Shock You

The love of money has been said to be the root of evil but it may have contributed to starting a war as well.

Pearl Emmanuel

Businesswoman and alleged notorious Abuja pimp, Lady Golfer, was once best friends with actress, Tonto Dikeh.

She helped Tonto Dikeh in 2018 when the actress hit rock bottom and could not meet her needs anymore. She even went as far as giving the actress her Mercedes Benz to drive round town just to save face. She also delivered food from her restaurant, Calabar Aroma, to Tonto almost daily.

The giveaways Tonto Dikeh did on her page at this time were allegedly sponsored by Lady Golfer. In fact, the iPhone Bobrisky promised to get Nina after Big Brother Naija was said to have been purchased by Lady Golfer because Tonto and Bobrisky could not get the money to buy the phone. Again, Lady Golfer, like Wonder Woman, came to their rescue and saved the day.

Tonto still needed money and Lady Golfer did what she knew how to do best; she pimped the actress away. While Tonto claimed to the world that she had to make an appearance in South Africa, it was reported that she went for a rendezvous with a popular prophet.

He paid her 17 million naira, and afterwards, the actress vanished with the money, an action many have described as pure greed.

Lady Golfer was angry and after a while Tonto, instead of apologising, went ahead to camp with one of the businesswoman's rivals who also owns a restaurant in Abuja. This greatly distressed Lady Golfer who secretly planned her revenge.

After a while, Tonto must have come to her senses because she set out to reconcile with Lady Golfer by getting a neutral person to stand in as mediator. Lady Golfer claimed to have forgiven her, little did Tonto know Lady Golfer was bidding her time to throw her own painful blow.

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