Lady Golfer and Oladunni Churchill
Lady Golfer and Oladunni Churchill

Tonto Dikeh’s Ex-Husband And Ex-Bestie Planned The Money Gift On Social Media

A source confirms that the alert text Tonto’s ex-bestie posted on Instagram was doctored. Find out how!

Pearl Emmanuel

Lady Golfer has become quite popular over the past few months through her association with Toyin Lawani. Did you ever wonder how the two became so close?

Blessing Osom, known popularly by her nickname, Lady Golfer, is the owner of the restaurant, Calabar Aroma, which is her major source of legal income among other businesses she flaunts online.

Lady Golfer reached out to Tiannah that she wanted to start her own clothing line and needed her professional advice. She flew Toyin Lawani, popularly known as Tiannah, to Abuja for the consultation. The two seemed to have started a friendship from there. After all, they had a mutual enemy called King Tonto.

Tiannah introduced Lady Golfer to some of her friends in Lagos, including Ehi, the CEO of Sayaveth Interiors, Mizwaneka the popular hair vendor, among others. All these must have been a ploy by Golfer to start infiltrating Lagos space and hatching her plan to get back at Tonto.

Fast forward to her birthday, Lady Golfer invited Tiannah and Rosy Meurer to an all girls trip to Ghana. This was the start of her retaliation. Imagine what would have gone through Tonto's mind to see all her enemies in one place. The trio kept posting pictures of their good times together.

The icing on the cake was when Lady Golfer claimed to have received 3 million naira from Tonto's ex-husband, Oladunni Churchill Olakunle, and decided to flaunt her account balance of 33 million naira.

A source pleading anonymity has explained that the transaction was all a scam for social media.

According to the source, Lady Golfer said she wanted to trend on her birthday at all costs and also retaliate for what Tonto did in 2018. The source claims the 3 million from Churchill was a planned work fabricated to get social media talking.

Churchill allegedly did not send 3 million to Lady Golfer and she apparently did not have 33 million naira in her account. It was all doctored to make the online community believe she had received money from Tonto's ex and that she had millions in her account.

According to our source, the sole purpose of releasing the text was to get Tonto Dikeh agitated and get her to reply so she could start a war. But apparently, this must have failed, as Tonto kept mute and instead posted videos of herself dancing amidst Lady Golfer's shenanigans.

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